Pastoral Abstraction

“all that stuns the soul, all that imprints a feeling of terror, leads to the sublime” Diderot Everard Read is proud to present Pastoral Abstraction, a group exhibition featuring painting, sculpture, video and mixed media artworks at the Cape Town gallery space. Broadly speaking, these artists’ imaginations and emotions with regard to ‘Romantic’ renderings of landscapes serve both as a means of expounding nature’s raw and volatile power, and  equally as  a deeply personal and introspective account of themselves and their place in the universe.  This group exhibition of 8 artists (Beth Diane Armstrong, Swain Hoogervorst, Alexandra Karakashian, Dylan Lewis, Brett Rubin, Sean Slemon, Justin Southey and Jordan Sweke) aims to bring together a contemporary investigation into the notions of conceptual landscape and pastoral depictions where the emphasis is far more than  overtly realistic renderings. Instead this selection of artists offers fresh and unique alternatives – expressing abstracted and non representational forms in sculpture, painting, video and photographic based media. Their personal investigations employ the notions of ‘landscape renderings’ within the spiritual and personal creative elements of Romanticism. Where the undercurrent, sublimity and the ‘beauty’ of natural environments serve as vehicles in visual languages to transcend and investigate the awe, […]
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